Focused. On your requirements.

Quality and safety of a landmark transport service form the basis for the equipment of our tank trailers. Fit with vacuum sterile filter systems and electric pumps, the following tank trailers are available to our customers: insulated single and multiple compartment trailers with up to four compartments and separated, fully insulated DIN 100 discharge pipes as well as one stainless steel collector.

This ensures that they can be unloaded in any European country desired:

  • Pressure tank with non-return valve, pressure gauge and pressure relief valve for a compressed air discharge
  • Sterile filters
  • Frequency controlled electro pumps
  • Sealable openings for stainless steel hosepipes containing food hoses
  • Electric adapter
  • Disinfection basin with all the connectors required
  • Reducers and sampling valves - lockable fittings cabinet made of stainless steel

We travel 80,350 kilometres per day, transporting 2,600,000 litres with over 43,000 hp. We are the leading company in the high quality segment.